#1 - What is dualgift?

The game of sustainability.

Dualgift connects people, companies, institutions, and local governments looking to contribute to a more sustainable society. This game rewards those who practice circularity. We want to engage and encourage everyone to embark on this journey towards sustainable development.

Dualgift is a platform that brings together entities committed in finding strategies to combat environmental, social and economic problems within communities.

#2 - Why?

Our planet, our mission.

To believe in the future, humanity needs to review its behavior and consciously evolve with present challenges in mind. The permanent production and accumulation of resources, combined with excessive consumption, educates us towards a state of absence, which distances us from the circumstances where we live, from the spaces of our city, from its history, resources, and social and economic protocols.

This unconsciousness of identity and belonging, leads individuals to a feeling of impossibility against the vast global challenges, on how to combat the waste of resources, to adapt sustainability, or to maintain the situated knowledge of communities. It is important to make the individual, institutions, and governments aware of their acyclic consumption practices, through practical and current proposals, to achieve a more sustainable, greener, and fairer for everyone.

We propose a reassessment of the transaction models between goods and services. By bringing together local agents, we can complement current economic models at different scales. Thus, we work the transition from the linear model of consumption to a circular model that values ​​individuals, communities, society, our planet, and the next yet to come.

We will be in Portugal, close to our inner world, with you and your community, to learn and grow in the most organic and sustainable way possible.


Develop a game that rewards those who engage with sustainable behaviors.


We envision a sustainable, circular, and bonded future based on human connections and local participation. Everyone is allowed to give and get, without barriers.

#3 - Our impact













#4 - Our values

Dualgift is...

We connect communities.
Humanity must be united.


You give and get,
to and from the community, always.


Gifts have no price,
but every gift is rewarded with a dual.


Your data is protected and private.
Duals are earned based on sustainable behaviours.


Everyone has a role.
All territories matter.


We grow organically.
From place to place.

#5 - Collaborations