What is dualgift?

Dualgift connects people, companies, institutions, and local governments that want to give a new life to their goods or services, through an engaging game that rewards those who practice circularity.

We encourage the world to embark on the economic, social, and environmentally sustainable development journey.

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The dual is a new currency that rewards good deeds.
It is generated whenever there is an interaction with the community.

Duals are distributed across the territory.
With them, you can get discounts, exclusive gifts, and much more!


Gifts are goods or services that you have to offer to your community.
They may be things you have in spare, or services you don't mind exchanging for other gifts.

Your gifts are distributed within your area of action and you can offer them to people in your community, or exchange them for other things you need.

Give & Get
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Do you have things you no longer need or don't use them and would like to offer or exchange them?
Are you good at doing something and would like to share your skills with the community, or maybe exchange it in return?

Then dualgift is right for you!

As a gifter, you'll be able to share your gift to the world. You'll be rewarded while leading society towards circular economy.

Create your gifts and connect with the community.

Become a gifter


Publish whatever gift you have to offer or exchange.
Gifts can be goods or services. Up to you!

You choose:

Free - Help the community by just giving and receive 2 ߄uals.
Exchange - Exchange gifts with others and both will receive 1 ߄ual.
Sell 💡 - You can now sell your gifts for ߄uals.


Explore the map for gifts available near you.
Find what you really need.

Simple as that:

If you are interested, just like it!
We'll let the other gifter know that you're interested.
Find nearby spaces, spots and terminals.

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